Rocky Mountain Natural Colored Sheep Breeders Association

Welcome to the website home of the Rocky Mountain Colored Sheep Breeders Association.
Our mission is to promote and educate shepherds in the care of natural colored sheep and the preparation of wool for sale to wool crafters. Also to sponsor yearly booths at selected wool markets and festivals allowing the display and sale of wool and wool products to the general public.
In addition to a directory of our members and their breeds of sheep and products for sale, we also offer a Sheep and Wool Shows calendar, and information on sheep health, and other topics of interest to wool growers. Our group sponsors Association booths at the Taos Wool Festival and the Estes Park Wool Festival.


Colored sheep were always present among the flocks that roamed the ranges in the past. Shepherds used these animals as markers, one for every hundred sheep. The old-timers counted the colored sheep and said, "When your markers are in, your flock is in." Colored sheep have come a long way since then.

Colored sheep are no longer the black sheep, literally or figuratively. By selective cross breeding with white and other colored sheep, a full set of colors can be created. The colors can range the spectrum from black, gray, and silver to brown, beige, red, and blond. The best fleeces of these natural colored sheep command a premium price.

Wool that once had a very limited use now finds a secure place in the wool market. The demand for colored wool has increased as more people become aware of wool available in many colors, all without dyes or other harsh processing methods. This undyed, unprocessed, natural colored fleece is especially popular with the fast-growing fiber art industry, which consists of spinners, weavers, and felt makers.

Colored wool producers continually work to improve the quality of their flocks. Through selective breeding, they develop new colors, increase the staple length, and refine the fiber diameter.

The Rocky Montain Natural Colored Sheep Breeders Association (RMNCSBA) is an organization of individuals who breed or own colored sheep, and others who have an interest in natural colored wool. The purpose of the RMNCSBA is to help members in the development, improvement, and promotion of colored sheep and the many uses of colored wool.

The RMNCSBA invites you to become a member.

Membership includes:
  *Affiliation with a regional group.
  *Newsletters of local interest.
  *Listing in the organization web site.
  *Participation in all regional meetings, exchanges, and promotions.
  *The opportunity to volunteer individual time and talents.

There are four categories of affiliation:
  *REGULAR - Sheep producers
  *ASSOCIATE - Non-producers
  *JUNIOR - Producers under 18 years of age
  *ORGANIZATION - Group memberships for persons who belong to other sheep, wool, and fiber art organizations.

Only regular memberships have voting power. All other memberships may attend meetings, receive newsletters, and participate in RMNCSBA-sponsored functions. Organization memberships receive one copy of all mailed materials. *RMNCSBA Bylaws

Please print out and fill in our application form and send to:
Rocky Mountain Natural Colored Sheep Breeders Association
Attn: Secretary Debbie Powers
4608 WCR 36
Platteville, CO 80651

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