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Of Interest to Shepherds

Here are some resources if you are seeking more information about sheep health, sheep nutrition, lambing, and flock management.

The following are downloadable files that may be of interest: (after downloading open using Adobe Acrobat Reader)

  • "SMALL RUMINANT CLINICAL DIAGNOSIS AND THERAPY" by the University of MN College of Veterinary Medicine

  • "Pregnancy Disease - A Flock Perspective" by Joseph S. Rook, D.V.M. MSU Extension & Ag Experiment Station, MSU College of Veterinary Medicine

  • "Molecular and pharmacological characterization of dominant black coat color in sheep" by Dag Inge Vage, Helge Klungland, Dongsi Lu, and Roger D. Cone

    Web Sites with various sheep information:

    *Penn State Sheep Site From the Penn State Cooperative Extension Sheep Home Study Course, a wonderful free resource. Lesson materials are available any time, although the course is run during the winter. Simply click on the topic title under each lesson and you will go directly to the material to read.

    *Cleon's Corner Cleon V. Kimberling, D.V.M. Colorado State University VTH web site with these topics: Abortions, Border Disease, Cache Valley Virus, Caseous Lymphadenitis, Lambing Time Checklist, Ovine Progressive Pneumonia, Ringwomb in Ewes, Scrapie, Shearing Time and Ked Control, Spider Lamb Syndrome, Tetanus, Club Lamb Fungus, Colorado Animal Health Issues

    *Virginia Cooperative Extension: Internal Parasite Control in Sheep

    *Adams County (Colorado) Extension Adams County (Colorado) Extension web site: main sheep page with downloadable files on sheep care.

    *An Encyclopedia of Livestock Breeds An Encyclopedia of Livestock Breeds produced by Larry Burditt at Oklahoma State

    *The Maryland Small Ruminant Page The most comprehensive listings of sheep resources: The Maryland Small Ruminant Page

    *American Sheep Industry The American Sheep Industry Association Web Site

    *The Lamb Chef The Lamb Chef is a site with recipes and serving ideas for delicious lamb

    *USDA Livestock Sales Reports USDA Reports Weekly Sales of Livstock and Grain by Market: Greeley, Colorado

    *Yocom-McColl The web site of Yocom-McColl Wool Testing Labs

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